Need to get a marketing team on board (but don’t want another permanent salary to worry about)?


Then you’re not the only one. Small businesses today just don’t have the funds available to employ someone specifically to look after their marketing needs. The money that’s there usually has to be funneled into day-to-day service provision or sales, depending on the type of company. If there IS any left over for a marketing [...]

Common problems facing businesses today (& how to solve them)


Every day businesses have to deal with a whole heap of problems – from things they can’t control, like an unfavourable economy, red tape and health & safety regulation, to internal matters, such as a lack of cash flow, inefficient business processes, ineffective sales and marketing… The list goes on! ride out the storm, by [...]

One easy way to protect your brand (A guide to email etiquette)


Every day I come across some kind of written communication that could be constructed better, or (even worse) misread. Whether you’re writing to a prospect, client or colleague, you need to think about your business’s reputation and brand with every email, text or instant message you send. If messaging clients or colleagues using Skype, it’s [...]


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