Let words do the hard work for you

The pen – or nowadays the keyboard – really is mightier than the sword. Carefully crafted copy can help you win the battle against your competitors to capture the attention of potential clients and win more business.

Words are powerful; they’re what sell. In fact, they often mean the difference between success and failure when vying for new business. Our copywriters understand that and they’ll ensure EVERY word is working its hardest for you.

In addition to being accurate and concise, our messages are always compelling and original – prompting potential clients to read on and say YES!

All platforms, all channels, all audiences – we’ve got it covered!

Whatever your copywriting needs – promotional materials, sales emails, social media profiles, blogs – we’ve got it covered! Business Uplift’s highly qualified copywriters have experience writing copy across platforms and know how to tailor the style and message to match the medium.

No matter how strong the message, if it doesn’t resonate with your target audience it will fall flat. Our copywriters will ensure each message hits the right notes with the right people. Your clients are their number one priority.

Our promise to you: powerful, accurate words that sell

We’ll motivate your potential clients to action through compelling messaging.

  • Every word will work hard and add impact to your message
  • Our sales-focused messages will provoke a positive response
  • We deliver powerful headlines and body copy to sell and convince prospects to enquire
  • No templates here – everything will be crafted for YOUR business specifically, matching your tone and style
  • Spot-on spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and structure
  • We’re all about quality control: we’ll review of all material to ensure it’s accurate and there’s no inconsistencies

What’s in it for you?

  • GOOD copywriting helps protect the bottom line: Recent press reports have suggested that spelling and grammatical errors on websites are costing internet businesses millions in lost revenue. These mistakes won’t happen on our watch!

  • Accuracy matters!: Just one mistake can really turn prospective clients off. It suggests that your business is unprofessional, unreliable and lacks attention to detail, and can seriously damage your reputation.

  • Quality copy will do the sales job for you: Good copywriting can be the difference between encouraging your clients to act now, and making them think, ‘maybe later’… then ‘later’ never comes. We’ll create a sense of urgency to motivate them to action.

  • You’ll save money, while making more profit: You’ll see more enquiries, more leads, more conversions and more sales. The best part? You won’t have to exert any added effort to get there. We’re big believers in working smarter NOT harder. Powerful sales messaging allows you to sit back while the words do all the heavy lifting.

Why choose Business Uplift?

It’s simple. We deliver results. It’s why our clients love us. Our words sell and you can count on us to be a reliable extension of your team. We’ll work hard for you and your business.

And we’re an international outfit! Our team works in UK/US/Canadian/Australian English. We also work with native-speaking translators for most major European & Asian languages.

Most importantly, we’re cost effective. Business Uplift provides copywriting and proofreading services on an ad hoc basis – no expensive retainers are necessary! Simply contact us as and when you need work done and we’ll get right on to it.

Don’t waste another minute. Get the right words behind your business so you can start working smarter today!

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