Get the physical skills you need to be confident and sell yourself and your business under any circumstance


Are you in control of the impact you create when you walk into a room?

What do people say about you after you have left a sales meeting?

Would you like to have the knowledge that will guarantee you to be THE “person of influence” in any meeting or sales conversation?


davidDavid Roylance – Visibility in Leadership Coach

Business Uplift have teamed up with David Roylance who is one of the UK’s leading Visibility in Leadership Coaches.
Typically David works with businesses and business owners who want to position their businesses more visibly in front of their market place. Sometimes this involves giving staff the physical skills of confidence and gravitas that will enable them to be seen as promotable “leadership” material. Sometimes he will take a good presenter and give them the skills to be become a great speaker. Sometimes he will take a business who considers themselves the world’s best kept secret and teach them how to package and position themselves, both online and off, as the “go to” expert in their industry.

David’s clients include the Royal Bank of Scotland, where he fast tracked the first woman onto the board, by teaching her how to control her state and be a great speaker, representing the business publicly to such a high standard that she was fast tracked within 6 months of our working together. He also taught a financial director of Standard Life what parts of his personality to turn the volume up on in interview, and what to turn the volume down on, resulting in his appointment as Chief Finance Officer of Friends Provident , with double the income he had previously.
David’s clients range from FTSE 250 companies to charities, sole traders and new businesses. He teaches interview techniques to young actors at 3 drama schools in London and his present clients also include a PR consultancy, a first aid training company, a property developer, and the CEO of an SEO company.

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