Don’t sweat the small stuff

Do you feel like you’re always caught up with the small things and don’t have time to focus on the big picture?

You’re not alone. We all know that feeling. You start the day off with the best intentions – you’re ready to take the business world by storm – but before you know it you’re bogged down with emails, logistics and small tasks.

Most business owners spend so much time working IN their business that they can’t work ON it. We want to help put you back at the helm, steering your company to open, more profitable waters!
With our Virtual PA/Admin services you can focus all of your energy on growing your business; we’ll take care of the rest!

Get the best team behind you

Our professional administrators and assistants are just want you (and your business) need to get ahead. They will serve as a spare pair of reliable hands taking care of what you need, whenever you need it.
They can do it all, from placing orders to database management. Below are just a few of the many services we can provide you with:

  • Word processing
  • Bookkeeping and expenses
  • Email and diary management
  • Travel arrangements
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Customer service support
  • E-marketing and mailings
  • Data entry and database management

We understand that these “small” administrative tasks are the foundation upon which a business runs. They are important and we treat them as such. Our administrators and assistants are well trained and completely dedicated to our clients, so you can rest assured that your business will be in good hands.

What’s in it for your business?

The sky is the limit when you can put 100% where it’s needed most – driving your business forward! You’ll quickly see big wins for yourself and your business:

  • Get your own “full-time” personal assistant, but only pay when you need them
  • Free up loads of time to spend on business strategy
  • Benefit from greater efficiency and productivity
  • Renew your vision and passion for what you do
  • Get more leads, sales and profit when you’re back at the helm
  • Regain your sanity!

Why choose Business Uplift?

Not only do we deliver high-quality work, but we do it 24/7. With staff located around the world, you’ll know that we’re working hard for you around the clock. That means when you send us something at night, you can wake up with completed tasks, ready to hit the ground running!

Moreover, we’re cost-effective. Business Uplift can provide administrative services on an ad hoc basis – no need for expensive retainers! Simply contact us as and when you need work done and we’ll get right on it.

Get the help you need to drive your business forward NOW!

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