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Business owners will try everything to get new customers – websites, marketing materials, knocking on doors, calling phones. While all of these methods are important and can deliver great results, one of the fastest, easiest ways to build a pipeline of interested customers is often overlooked: building a strong network of Introducers.

When in need of a new service, people will often look first for recommendations. These recommendations often come from friends, family or professional advisors. Introductions happen easily enough, but it’s the strategy and systems behind an Introducer Program that will really work wonders for your business.

By targeting the right groups of Introducers with the right incentives and by arming them with the right tools, you’ll build your very own marketing army doing all the door knocking and phone calling on your behalf!

The Who, What, Why and How

These are the four questions every successful Introducer Program starts with. Our business experts will work closely with you to answer them, and to use the information to build a results-driven, high-impact Program tailored to your business.

  • The Who: Depending on your business, this could be your existing base of loyal customers or professional Introducers, like accountants, lawyers or business coaches. We’ll find the group that has the best access to and greatest influence over your target customers.
  • The What: Now that we know who our influencers are we need to know what we’re asking of them. We will develop the tools you need – promotional materials, e-mailings, direct mailings – to reach out to this group of people.
  • The Why: This is the big one. Nothing in this world is free. You need to develop the right incentive structure to encourage your Introducers to act on your behalf. This could be a discount offered to someone’s clients or a refer-one-get-one-free plan.
  • The How: Our business strategists will document the processes and procedures – from ask to referral to follow-up. We’ll also make it EASY for Introducers to refer you by providing them with promotional materials to send out to their friends, families, business partners or clients.

What’s in it for your business?

The question is what’s in it for your business, your Introducers and those referred because it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. When structured and executed smartly, everyone involved in the Introducer Program benefits.

  • YOUR BUSINESS will thrive as you gain a volunteer marketing army doing all the heavy lifting for you! You’ll generate loads of new leads as you incentivise referrals, and you’ll more eaily convert as your leads are being referred from a trusted source. The result? a BIG boost your sales and customer base.
  • YOUR INTRODUCERS will reap the benefits of your incentive program and enjoy the perks of introducing friends/family/clients to your service.

  • YOUR NEW CLIENTS will get access to your service without having to waste time or money searching for a service that meets their needs.

Why choose Business Uplift?

Simple. We deliver results. It’s why our clients love us and it’s what you’ll come to expect from our work.

And most importantly, choose us because we’re cost effective! We don’t believe making a fortune has to cost one. Business Uplift can provide services to build and maintain your Introducer Program on a pay-as-you-go basis – no expensive retainers are necessary. Simply contact us as and when you need work done and we’ll get right on it.

Build an army of Introducers working hard for your business today!

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