Make your sales soar with calls that convert

Telemarketing has developed a pretty poor reputation. That’s only because it’s often not given the care and attention it deserves. With the right insights into your target market, and powerful messaging and tools, you can leverage it to achieve serious profitability!

Business Uplift’s can maximize the returns on your campaigns by employing intelligence-led telemarketing, which maximizes productivity AND profitability!

Smart insights, tried and tested techniques

How does Business Uplift achieve such great results on campaigns? Because we’ve been at this a long time! We’ve got decades of experience working in call centres, fine tuning telemarketing and telesales strategies and adapting them to fit different industries and businesses. So, we really do know what works:

  • Market analysis
  • Target profiling
  • Data gathering
  • Results analysis & reporting
  • Continuous assessment and improvement

Hands-on strategy implementation

We don’t just tell you what to do and walk away – that simply wouldn’t work. We roll our sleeves up and really get into the nitty-gritty of your business to ensure that what we propose will be guaranteed to improve your conversion ratios.

1. Put your business under a microscope: During an initial consultancy, we will:

  • Find out everything we need to know about your business
  • Put planned processes under the microscope
  • Challenge any current promotional material
  • Find ways to pitch your services
  • Identify logical procedures and steps to test during the pilot

2. Tailor our a telemarketing campaign to your business: During a pilot programme, we will:

  • Represent you directly to potential clients
  • Explore clients’ wants, needs, issues and future plans
  • Gauge potential interest in your various products/services
  • Generate appointments for your team
  • Tweak the call guide & refine objection handling/wording

3. Document your new telemarketing strategy: We will provide you with all of the project-specific intelligence gathered over the course of the pilot project, including tangible ratios and numbers for predicting sales:

  • Expected call to appointment ratio
  • Expected appointment to closed deal ratio
  • Optimum call length
  • Optimum telemarketing team size
  • Expected number of calls per day

This will include an easy-to-use call guide. You’ll be able to use this powerful training tool in-house or outsource operations for us to manage.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll say all the right things. Every element of your calls has a marked effect on your sales ratios, and we analyse them all. We treat each call in the pilot programme as a complex experiment to find the exact approach that works for your business.

With our intelligence-led telemarketing approach, you’ll get the highest lead, appointment and sales ratios, guaranteed!

Why choose Business Uplift?

Because we get results. It’s why our clients love us and it’s what you can expect from our work. Moreover, we don’t believe making a fortune has to cost one.

Business Uplift can help execute or update your telemarketing campaigns on an ad hoc basis. No need for expensive retainers! Simply contact us as and when you need work done and we’ll help you incorporate any necessary changes quickly and seamlessly.

Let us do the hard work for you; get a telemarketing strategy that works NOW

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