Then you’re not the only one. Small businesses today just don’t have the funds available to employ someone specifically to look after their marketing needs.

The money that’s there usually has to be funneled into day-to-day service provision or sales, depending on the type of company. If there IS any left over for a marketing department, more often than not you just can’t get the return on your investment. And today’s economic climate simply doesn’t afford small businesses (or large ones for that matter) the luxury of waste.

But, of course, you can’t just forget about this crucial aspect of business if you want to generate new leads, grow and stay ahead of the competition.

So what’s the answer?

Use marketers only when you need them

You DON’T need to employ marketers permanently. It’s now possible to get marketing services on an ad hoc casino basis from professional agencies, companies or individuals.

ANY marketing skill you can think of can be accessed as and when you need it – from strategy development to graphic design, PPC advertising, social media management and online slots copywriting. And there are many benefits of marketing your business this way.

5 good reasons to outsource your marketing

  1. You’ll save money (it’s a fraction of the cost of employing a full time employee or department)
  2. You’ll save a lot of time (you can focus on running your business/leave the experts to get on with it)
  3. You get an objective/different/honest perspective (sometimes it’s good to have someone external point out where you’re going wrong and what you really need to do to improve your business)
  4. You get flexibility (use what you need when you need it)
  5. You can tap into a whole host of expertise (outsourced marketing companies can provide you with any of the skills you need).

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