Every day I come across some kind of written communication that could be constructed better, or (even worse) misread.

Whether you’re writing to a prospect, client or colleague, you need to think about your business’s reputation and brand with every email, text or instant message you send.

If messaging clients or colleagues using Skype, it’s easy to type something quickly and hit the return key. That’s what it’s there for, right? To make life easier? Yes, but because of this you need to be even more on your guard when it comes to etiquette.

So here’s my easy checklist…

BEFORE you hit ‘Send’, ask yourself:

  • Have I spelled any people’s/businesses’ names correctly?
  • Could my message be misconstrued?
  • Are there any typos? (Spell-check’s all very well until it comes across ‘an’ when you meant to say ‘and’.)
  • Have I best online casino shown myself up with poor grammar/misplaced apostrophes/bad sentence structure?
  • Does it strike the right tone? (It’s amazing what an extra ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ can do!)
  • Could I make something more light-hearted, or ‘soften the blow’ with a nice smiley-face icon? (When appropriate.)
  • Have I attached the attachments I refer to? (Easy to forget!)
  • Is it online slots clear what I want the recipient to do?
  • Do I make any points concisely? (Don’t ramble; less is more!)

And (the really important one):

If, like me, you’ve got various Skype conversations going on at the same time, you MUST check which one is open. Similarly, double-check the address line on your email. You don’t want to send the wrong message to the wrong person; it could cause you embarrassment with a client.

As good practice, always be professional and courteous when emailing or using Skype and you’ll not go wrong.

Some general ‘netiquette’ (but important nonetheless):

  • Always respond to emails/Skype messages/LinkedIn invitations in a timely manner (even if the person doesn’t ask for a response!)
  • Never email when you’re angry – walk away/cool off.
  • Don’t use ‘text-speak’ – ‘4 u’ or ‘gr8’ don’t do your professional image any favours.

And, finally… remember that (sometimes) it might just be better to pick up the phone!

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